Latest News, Research and Publications

Latest News, Research and Publications

October 2014
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Family Aspirations, Finances, Work Transition (Vol. 44 No. 3)
September 2014
This issue of Transition looks at the Vanier Institute’s collaborations and partnerships with universities and family-oriented organizations, and explains how these collaborations increase our understanding of families in Canada.

June 2014
As part of the Institute’s recognition of the 20th anniversary of the United Nations International Year of the Family and our 50th Anniversary celebrations, we have embarked on a year-long national Families in Canada Listening Tour.

June 2014
Families in Canada are seeing increases in wealth and earnings, but debt levels are also growing. The 15th annual report of the Vanier Institute’s Current State of Canadian Family Finances is an up-to-date and accessible guide to available data on the economic circumstances of Canadian families. The new report draws from a wide range of recent sources, including a array of Statistics Canada reports.

June 2014
This edition of By the Numbers focuses on fathers in Canada. How many fathers are there in Canada today? What are the current parental leave rates? How much time is being spent with family members? Are participation rates in housework increasing? Find out in our new fact sheet! 

June 2014
This issue of Transition looks at how the Vanier Institute documents stories and synthesizes data, at the impact of caregiving on caregivers and at the diversity of fatherhood and paternal involvement in Canada. It provides a demographic snapshot of post-secondary education today, reviews recommended reading on modern retirement and reports on caregiving across borders. Finally, it considers how family members in Canada provide support to others through periods of mental illness.

May 2014
This issue of By the Numbers takes a look at blended families, aboriginal families, interracial relationships and many others with links taking you directly to the Statistics Canada source page.