About Us


The Vanier Institute of the Family is an independent, national, bilingual, non-profit organization committed to promoting the well-being of Canadian families. The Institute was established in 1965 under the patronage of Their Excellencies Governor General Georges P. Vanier and Madame Pauline Vanier.

As Canadian leaders, the Vaniers envisioned an independent institute to:
  • Build public understanding of important issues and trends affecting the healthy functioning of Canadian families
  • Foster a society that identifies and provides for the needs and aspirations of families
  • Provide educators, employers, service providers and policy-makers with information about the lives of Canadian families
  • Promote the inherent capacity of families to help themselves

The Vanier Institute of the Family fulfills its mandate through many activities, especially:

Research and Analysis: The Vanier Institute undertakes and commissions research on Canadian families and the context in which families nurture their members and contribute to their communities. Using data distilled from many sources, the Institute moulds complex facts and figures into authoritative information, making it accessible and available to all Canadians.

Public Education: Through publications, media, presentations, consultations, social media and the Web, the Vanier Institute keeps Canadians up-to-date on families, in all of their diversity, from coast to coast to coast. As a public resource, the Institute provides information, inspiration and innovation. The Institute analyzes, synthesizes and organizes data; facilitates knowledge transfer and knowledge mobilization; and provides evidence-based and experience-based insights to support researchers and academics, teachers and students, service providers, program developers, and community, business, government and labour leaders.

Partnerships: The Vanier Institute enhances its capacity to contribute to Canadian society by developing strategic partnerships with public and private institutions, corporations, the media and the non-profit sector.  

For compensation information, please refer to our Registered Charity Information Return on the Canada Revenue Agency website.