Military and Veteran Families in Canada Initiative

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Military and Veteran Families in Canada Initiative, 20122017

With more than 80% of Canada’s military families living off-base, community service providers often find themselves serving military service members and their families.

To increase awareness of military families and their unique experiences, expectations and perspectives, the Vanier Institute and the Canadian Forces are partnering to build awareness, capacity, competency and community to ensure military families have equitable access to services and programs in their neighbourhoods. A knowledge network will connect community clinicians, researchers, community organizations and the general public in an innovative five-year collaboration.

The Military and Veteran Families in Canada Initiative will:

  • Build awareness by engaging media partners, analyzing and presenting data, and facilitating important conversations
  • Build capacity by delivering training and professional development sessions for leaders, managers, front-line professionals, volunteers and professional associations, including but not limited to:
    • Educators (early childhood through university), high school guidance counsellors, employment and career counsellors
    • Health care and mental health professionals
    • First responders
  • Build competency by facilitating professional development that would lead to a credential or professional designation
  • Build community by connecting Canadians and national and international organizations that study and support military families

Engage, Participate and Collaborate

To learn more about the life of military families from the Vanier Institute, Canadian Forces and National Defence sources, see these related articles:

For information on Canadian military families and military life from media sources, visit:

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2012-11-11: Canadian Forces families win support for mental health, Globe and Mail
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2012-11-08: For military families, coping on the home front can be a major stress, Globe and Mail

Project Timeline

This project is ongoing from 2012 to 2017.

Project Leads

  • Nora Spinks, CEO, Vanier Institute of the Family

For more information, please contact:

Sara MacNaull
Networks, Projects and Special Events