Military Families in Canada Initiative

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Military Families in Canada


The Military Families in Canada Initiative is a collaborative effort to increase the availability and accessibility of services and supports to military families across Canada and to educate and inform the greater community about what the military lifestyle represents. 

The goal of the initiative is to build awareness, capacity, competency and community through knowledge mobilization. This goal will be reached through a number of projects, one of which is an online, interactive knowledge network. 

The interactive knowledge network will connect community cliniciansresearcherscommunity organizations and the general public.

Upcoming Events

Government Briefing
Date TBD

Military Family Training Institute
Date TBD


Recent Events

Military Families Matter
Cornwall, ON
March 25–27, 2013

Military Family Roundtable
August 21, 2012
NAV Centre in Cornwall, ON


Team Lead

Colonel Russell Mann, Director Quality of Life/Military Family Services, Canadian Forces
Nora Spinks, CEO, Vanier Institute of the Family

Military Families Matter – March 2013 Event

Nora Spinks, Project Coordinator, Vanier Institute of the Family

Special Program Advisors

Dr. Alice Aiken, Director, Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (Queen's University)
Dr. Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Director, Military Family Research Institute (Purdue University)
Mr.Greg Lubimiv, Executive Director, Phoenix Centre for Children and Families
Mr. Tony Diniz, Executive Director, Child Development Institute
Mr. Charles Coffey, former Executive Vice President, Royal Bank of Canada (retired)
Dr. Marie Adèle Davis, Executive Director, Canadian Paediatric Society

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